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We Provide

Financial Accounting & Financial Planning Unit

providing a unique service that aims to deliver solutions for client's entire financial needs, and all of these services are provided under the one roof.

Tax Unit

Completion and submission of annual personal income tax returns (IT12), Registration for income tax and provisional tax, Provisional tax returns completion etc.

Auditing Unit

We provide financial audit services for non-profit organizations and governmental units as required by grantors, law or regulation or organization policy.

Registration Unit

We now provide more service to help new and established businesses grow, New company Registrations, SARS constilting, Labour Registrations.

Legal Unit

We provide a wide range of legal/professional assistance at flexi-hours to our client's. Our mission is to provide clients with expert opinions/solutions/litigation

Value Packages & Others

We help you packaging and pricing the tenders, we always make sure you package the most suitable prices and we also advice pensioners for free

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